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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 1, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> tgif. i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for getting up with us. it is friday february the 1st. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". we begin with a fox news alert. there's a tense hostage situation in alabama that enters it's third day now. the gunman holding a 5-year-old
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boy in the under ground bunker. he is live in midland stay with the latest. >> another 24 excruciating hours for a community trying to stay focused frustrated knowing little about the ongoing talks. trying to free a boy in an underground bunker. dyke built this bunker. all we have is what it looks like based on police and witnesses accounts. he is been known to stay under ground for up to 8 days. they are holding prayer vigil services hoping he will release the 5-year-old boy who has been held three-days. >> trying to bring the community together for one purpose to pray for the safety and protection of the child.
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>> he needs to be back with his family. if i could go over there and meet him, i would go meet him. >> police are talking ongoing through that pvc pipe that is 4 inches in diameter. the situation in the third day. >> oo story we will be following. tragic story for that little boy. >> time now for your 5@5:00. wicked weather causing massive pileups in the midwest. this is interstate 75 in detroit. heavy snow and white out conditions leading to that crash. at least two people were killed threwing two children. around 300 cars were involved in the chain reaction crash. similar conditions in indianapolis. 7 people hurt in a 70 car pileup. further down the road two elephants stranded. a tractor slid off the road but
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the elephants weren't injured. al qaeda is look to go attack more western targets. top u.s. officials say it could include diplomatic american facilities as well as american citizens working in that region. this comes after a terror attack at a gas plant in algeria where three americans were killed. they are planning a new drone base to attack al qaeda. israel targeted the convoy to prevent hezbollah from obtaining russia surface to air missiles. many feared extremists would get their hands on the web upons as the civil war carries on. the israeli jets attack the military facility outside of damascus. it is the first strike inside
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syria since 2007. congress avoiding another deadline for now they say. senate passing a short term suspension for the nation's barrowing limit. the bill was passed by the house of representatives. it suspends the $15.4 trillion debt limit. 450 billion more in borrowing by the government. both chambers bass tpass the budget. the house has passed budgets since they took office. senate hasn't passed one in nearly four years. a tragic ending of a crash at the x games. caleb moore died at a colorado hospital. his 450 pound snowmobile banned on top of him after he fell during a stunt. he had a concussion and internal
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bleeding. >> weather hitting parts of the country. let's turn to janice dean for a look at that. >> it is cold again. winter is here and the groundhog arrives tomorrow. what do you think he will say? 6 more weeks of winter maybe. we will have to see. >> look at the satellite radar. the good news is the big storm that brought all of the tornadoes and crazy weather across the northeast has exited. we have a clipper system bringing light snow across the nation's capital as well as light snow and rain over the northern rockies. nothing big here but you can see the snow across the appalachians great lakes region towards philadelphia, baltimore and dc. just light snow. a cold front moved through. look at the temperature difference from what we were dealing with this time yesterday. it was 59 this time yesterday in new york. we are dealing with a 30 degree temperature drop.
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30 degree temperature drop in boston, 11 raleigh. it's winter again. minus 12 in indianapolis, 8 in kansas city, 29 in new york 23 in dallas. with the windchill it feels even colder than that. that's the deep freeze for international falls where it feels like minus 42, minus 29 in minneapolis. obviously dangerous. people are told to stay inside if you can. >> happy friday. >> happy friday. it might be cold but it's the weekend. >> hagel as the next secretary of defense. listen to this. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam, are you correct or incorrect?
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>> my referents reference to the -- the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straight forward question. i would like to answer whether you are right or wrong then you are free to elaborate? >> i am not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> let the record show you refused to answer the question. >> we know now the surge did in fact work. peter doocy live in washington covering all of the events today. >> what we saw yesterday was the equivalent of a job interview. instead of being questioned by one human resources employee about things on an application chuck hagel was quizzed by the entire senate armed services committee about everything he has ever said. senior obama administration official told us chuck hagel's testimony was not perfect he had
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a long day as he tried to explain away past public positions about important issues like iran and israel. >> give me an example where we have been intimidated the jewish lobby to do something dumb in the mideast or anywhere else. >> do you agree you shouldn't have said something like that? >> yes, i do. i have already said that. >> if he is confirmed he would be the first vietnam veteran to ever serve as secretary of defense. some of his supporters yesterday tried to highlight his service while comparing him to another senator who had a much smoother confirmation hearing last week. >> john kerry, chuck hagel with are a band of brothers out of vietnam with that special bond. i am sure you will utilize that and remember and make those two departments perform their function best serve the
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president and best serve the country. >> a senior obama administration tells us they think senator hagel tried hard to answer the questions in good faith but they were shocked and disappointed there were more questions about the war in iraq than the war in afghanistan since there are still 66,000 u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. >> we will be watching that more closely today. take a look at who is talking this morning. hagel is feeling the heat. a lot of reaction is coming in. >> liz cheney is one of those very critical of the former senator. not missing any words on hannity last night. she called it embarrassing and not what our men and women deserve. >> you think it is the worst performance i have seen by a nominee. senator hagel came into this
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today with a lot of very concerning policy views that have been well aired that raise legitimate concerns but after watching the performance he left real questions about his confidence. president obama thinks he is the most well suited to lead department of defense. we are facing significant stress around the world. he proved again and again and again today incapable of answering very basic questions. >> it was embarrassing this is the man the president of the united states wants to put in command of our armed forces. think of the obligation they have to the men and women in uniform. we owe them the best. this is not the best. we watched this performance by someone who failed to comprehend the most fundamental threats we face as a nation. at one point in the testimony he talked about the fact that he didn't image he would be in charge of anything. you couldn't make up how sort of
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baffled and dazed and confused he appeared. >> that leads us to our brew on this question. here's what we would like you to brew on today. remember this commercial from last year's super bowl? tons tuned in to watch the creative commercial. 91 percent of consumers are interested in the commercials or just as interested in the commercials as we are the game itself. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail them to us at coming up it is 12 minutes he is supposed to spend the next 60 years behind bars. how is this convicted murderer allowed to walk out from the front door of a jail? we will look at that in a
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>> it is 14 minutes after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. a flight made an emergency landing after one of the pilots reportedly passed out. the co pilot landed the plane safely in portland oregon. it is not known why the pilot lost consciousness. no one else was hurt. former new york city comblier ed koch is in intensive care and being monitored for fluid that filled up his lung. he has an iron deficiency. he had heart surgery back in 2009. now stories you can bank on this morning. former customers are now one
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step closer to getting some of their money back. lauren simonetti from the fox business network joins us. >> good morning. happy friday. >> jon corzine still under investigation but no charges. >> no charges thus far. as of now he is off scot-free. a bankruptcy judge a settlement with customers hedge funds. it went belly up halloween 2011 s. those scores are going back 93 percent of the value of the accounts almost made whole. they could get back in some cases more. half a billion dollar not only here in the u.s. but also in the u.k. if you recall the reason mf failed it made bad debts on the european debt crisis running it into the ground. many of them exhaling an breathing inside. >> what is a concern is jon
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corzine may have known all about that. >> facebook there is a new version for conservatives. >> a new competitor in town a social network but leans more to the right. tea party community. it has drawn 50,000 members doing their own networking after years of censorship and liberal bullying on facebook. the tea party community will make sure they can live on fight without fear of being taken down. >> but this is their own web site. >> what is it called? >> the tea party community. not feeling the name. lauren simonetti. always great to have you. 17 minutes after the hour. coming up next it brings a whole new meaning to house calls. why going to the doctor may soon be a thing of the past. next checkup may be with a ro
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>> good morning to you. it is 21 minutes after the hour.
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there's a manhunt for this convicted murder after he was mistakenly released from custody. steven robins was his name. he was taken to court to face a drug charge. when the charge was dropped cook county accidentally released him. no word yet what caused the mix-up. the company that makes triaminic and they are raw flu is recalling medications. children were able to open the child proof caps. at least one child needed medical tanks and that could be very dangerous. keep an eye on that. it is 22 after the top of the hour. time for your health fix. anna is here with the story. >> great to see everybody home on a friday morning. seeing the doctor may soon be a thing of the past. you may be seeing a robot instead. the f -- a green lighted a robot
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avatar for physicians like the one you see here. it will be able to navigate hospital corridors and hospitals. it will interact with patients thousands of miles away. it could cost between 4-6,000 dollars a month to operate. the benefit some of the world's top specialists will be able to talk to patients face to face without being in the same room or time zone. the hefty price tag on the robotic doctor may out weigh the potential benefit. you want to know the real reason why you can't stop pigging out? yes, please. university of miami says the bad economy over the top reality television is all enough to make you want to bury your face in a bag of candy. they were forced to think about struggle and adversity they ate 70 percent more high caloried candy then those with a neutral message. the good news you can pack on the pounds but have veggies and
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i>> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends
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first". it is friday. you have made it through the workweek. congratulations. it is time for the top 5@5:30. we begin with a fox news alert. it is a third day of the tense hostage negotiation in the state of alabama. a man holding a 5-year-old boy in an under ground bunker. cops haven't officially released the man's name yet but he is known to stay in the bunker for up to 8 days and he holds anti-american and anti government views. that little boy was snatched from a school bus on tuesday as the bus driver was shot and killed trying to prevent the man from taking children. the boy is being allowed to make medication and apparently watch tv. we will keep you posted on developments. a poched government sting operation. bureau of alcohol firearms and explosives using taxpayer
2:31 am
dollars to pay for this under cover operation. they set up a store for a fake front. even more outrageous one of the guns stolen from an agent's car. >> it was a horrifying plot to blow up a christmas tree lighting. they are convicted mohammed mohammed of federal terrorism charges. mohammed 19 years old at the time tried blamiclaiming he was intrapped by an fbi sting operation. he may get life behind bars when he is sentenced in may. university of michigan giving the boot to a christian group. it requires leaders in the group to be christian. they asked the asian branch of the group to change policy or be kicked out. the group refused saying university officials are sending a negative message about rel
2:32 am
christians on campus. we are getting a first look this morning at kim kardashian's baby bump. she snapped this picture during a photo shoot with her sister chloe. the caption read popped out of nowhere. >> she and her boyfriend kanye west announced the pregnancy in december. cute little bump there. we are hours away from the jobs report in the in you year. it comes amid the signs of economic recovery may be slowing down once again. doug luzader is life in washington with a look at what we can expect. >> we may see slight changes in the unemployment rate. we will see. economists are not expecting all that much since we saw the economy actually shrink in the last quarter of last year. that is not good news. try as we like those unemployment lines are not getting much shorter. if you factor in those trying to
2:33 am
get work u 6 the number soars into the double digits. >> until we get that under 10 we will not see any recovery. this was the worst economic recovery since president chester arthur was president in 1882. this is terrible. >> not to say there aren't any bright spots. home sales doing a little better. home prices, rather. u.s. auto sales improving some what. it is getting smaller because of a tax hike last year. there is uncertainty over rising healthcare costs and government regulations. that may be slowing down job creation as well. all of this as the once jobs council quietly disbanded yesterday after meeting four times in two years. one thing the president could have been instead of wasting so much time flaming others would have been to convene the jobs council it created and missed so much fan
2:34 am
fair. >> when we wear the ridiculous criticism it is people from capitol hill who refused every growth initiative and jobs initiative the president has put forward. >> as far as the unemployment rate it will stay at 7.7 percent. we will find out for sure in about 3 hours. >> doug luzader in washington thank you so much. three hours from now we will be looking at the jobs numbers. you need to find out what the weather is going to be like of course. we have an update. >> heavy snow in some areas. icy conditions made things very dangerous. >> you have to be careful on the roadways. a little snow can make things difficult for travel. the area we will see the most snow is across the great lakes. also seeing a clipper system
2:35 am
bringing in light snow across the appalachians, across dc and toward baltimore. look at the lakes. they still haven't frozen over. all of the arctic air moving southward is bringing potential for a foot or more of snow along all of the popular area for lake-effect snow. watch that over the weekend. in terms of snow accumulation 1-3 inches across the wide swath in the midwest and the great lakes. want to look at the temperatures cold, very cold. winter advisory in the great lakes. minus 24 in international falls minus 12 in indianapolis. windchill much cooler than that minus 24 in international falls. minus 8 in montreal and minus 27 in sudbury. >> punxsutawney phil comes out
2:36 am
tomorrow morning 8 degrees with windchill 0 to minus 5. i don't know if this guy is going to come out of his hole. if i were him i would stay in. there he is. little punxsutawney. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you. you, too. >> in just two-days millions of people including you probably will be watching the super bowl. whether you are hosting your own party or showing up at someone else's house or someone else's party we have gadgets and games for you. creator of young married marrie >> if you are going to a party what should you bring? >> gourmet gift this is one example. you would show up with a party. >> what a great idea. >> they have everything from snacks. they even have some that have beer in them. you would be the favorite guest
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at the super bowl party. >> how much does this run you? >> this one is about 169 but they have all different price ranges. this is one of their bigger baskets. >> or create your own basket if you don't want to buy one on-line. if you are throwing your own party what do you suggest? when i say they have everything they have normal things like attire but they have this garden gnome for example. who doesn't need a 49ers garden gnome. you can put it on the table. >> hats, gloves things you can get for your baby. dart boards. look at those things. i may have to leave some of these with you guys number one fan. >> if you order them today they can be delivered by saturday. >> you can get everything for your party. >> if you were throwing the party and you want to cook. >> you want to cook and grilling season is way too cold for that this ronco rowtis recan see
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these -- make ribs in 15 minutes. it's $199. we have a rotisserie chicken in here, ribs. >> you beuy a chicken put it on the skewer how long does it take? >> about 45 minutes. >> that's nothing. >> people love that. healthy they are great. wonderful idea. >> you can order that on their web site as well. if you don't want to cook, it has to be delivered. >> we like that. i like that. has great premade party food. they have tons of things. i brought the quesadillas and the boneless buffalo wings. >> are they good? >> straight in the oven 400. >> how are they packaged? >> come straight to you from a freezer to your freezer. >> you can have them on sunday. >> as far as games are concerned you have kids involved make it
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family friendly. >> we have two great games here tabletop sports trivia. who doesn't like being involved in a quiz. large phone finger for example. >> what if you are not sports savvy? >> reverse charades has a sports edition. you can buy the regular cher raids but you can add the sports part of it. >> usually one person the group guesses. this time it's a grouse participates and one person guesses. >> i would fail miserably. >> go to the web site if you want to find out more about these sites at friends it is 28 after the top of the hour. still ahead some of the favorite stores are about to disappear.
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>> it is now 42 minutes after the hour. first panic and chaos in mexico. look at this. an explosion rocking the headquarters of mexico state owned oil company. at least 25 people are dead this morning and more than 100 injured. rescuers are searching through that rubble for possible survivors who may still be trapped in that building.
2:44 am
next we will go to china where there are reports that at least 26 people were killed when a truck carrying fireworks exploded. the explosion destroyed a highway bridge and caused cars to fall over the edge. so far six vehicles have been removed from that wreckage. >> finally to italy now where soccer fans clashing with police over the signing of mario balatoli. he was having dinner there. fans letting off flares and throwing bottles. police using tear gas where an officer was hurt. fashi passionate about their soccer. your famous store might be closing the stores for good. which may be closing the stores by the end of the year. we have the list. >> hi ainsley. retailers are releasing critical holiday season figures and holiday sales. with those numbers out wall street is using what they did last year to forecast what we
2:45 am
will see for them this year. for many the outlook is not so great. in some cases they said it's not a question of where they will cut stores but when and how many. best buy will close between 200 and 250 stores after same store sales and holiday revenue through the year. barnes & noble is considering 190 to 240 stores as customers continue. sears and kmart have been losing shoppers to wal-mart and target. sears are expected to close 100 stores and kmart expected to close 200. office depot suffering due to increased competition. 24/7 forecast it will close 125, 150 stores office max closing 150 stores and j.c. penney going through a rough stretch. expected to close 350 stores after the most recent quarterly sells fell more than 26 percent from the year before.
2:46 am
radio shack with a forecast of 450 to 500 closing after the partnership with target stopped. and expected to close up to 600 stores. >> you want a video game? >> cue the job music, please. do we have some? >> find out where this great white was spotted stalking the shoreline. you will want to know where. >> two-days away from the biggest sports show for the year. brian kilmeade gets a look at the super bowl. we are paying this guy to do this. >> it comes out of your check. it's a direct deposit. we will find out later how i do get paid while on location. also justify my expenses. rich delgado big daddy walked the streets. i walked the streets you will
2:47 am
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more than 3,000 vehicles being recalled. the driver side air bag might not be deployed when it should. it involves 2012 models of the chevrolet camaro the cruze the sonic and valvular row. mary lee has a name in the
2:51 am
waters off of long island. she is 16 feet long 3500 pounds. she is a great white shark. researchers have been tracking her with gps as she heads north from jacksonville florida. >> ainsley, thank you so much. >> we are two-days away from the ravens and 49ers. the party started once brian kilmeade hit the ground. he's live in new orleans. >> i think we had to drive you out of some establishment to get you here. >> yes, it's true. i cannot give that away. >> good morning. >> you don't want me reading out of the paper and then telling you about it. the party has started here for super bowl 47. rich legato is here. now for the last four years of going to the party seeing what the night life is like. >> it was great last night. i have been here the last two
2:52 am
nights. wednesday night inded up going to the party that was hosted by our own sglarz. big night for him. last night we did the john madden bowl. >> players get seen and do they get enough out of this? >> yes, they do. every year this has been going on since i have been coming. that party has gone from a one-room establishment to it takes over a whole hotel. >> i show up my name is not on the list i went in i don't care. should we take a look? >> big daddy. i am here at the biggest party in new orleans the moves magazine party. >> i am all about having fun but this year if we could help out wounded warriors we have been involved in the military for a long time. >> i have two hurricanes signed of me and i am ready to go into the party.
2:53 am
>> i am here with cruze close friend of mine we are at the ea sports bowl. >> i am ready to test my skills. >> pushing multiple buttons it was way over my skill level that's for sure. >> from the batter bowl we will see you soon. >> victor cruise sont taxi new york giants and now he's a multi millionaire. >> we did the salsa. >> you did the salsa? >> i did the salsa. >> we have to get the boys to show that either tomorrow or the next day. i will request that to get you
2:54 am
and the salsa. >> e portser sports does this. what do they get out of it? >> they get the exposure. mad dep is associated with football that game is every where. you saw the list of the guys. celebrities show up at this party. biggest party on thursday. >> as i see warren moon it remind me of what tebow should do. moon didn't get drafted goes to canada comes back and ends up in the hall of fame. tim tebow should go to canada establish himself. >> where ever you can play. >> more important than the fame and money you have to get rest. >> meanwhile coming up on our show harry carson is in the wings. he's popular in new orleans. who would have thought. marcus allen is here live as well as the swamp people. to say we have a few prices is
2:55 am
the under statement coming your way from the nfl experience in new orleans. this is this 109 super bowl. >> we are excited. we know you are excited. there will be girls in skimpy outfits down there coming up on the show. >> you are not allowed to go to the maxim party. i hear that's tonight. >> i will be there representing. >> wherever kooiman is. >> he thinks one of us is anna. >> anna will be on today. >> it is now just about 6 minutes before the hour. they were having a good time earlier. coming up we are going to tell you about this. a couple nurses, toum actual actually -- couple nursed a deer back to life but it could land
2:56 am
them in jail. super bowl sunday are you more interested in the commercials or the game? :
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>> good morning. two minutes before the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good this morning. an indiana police officer and his wife nursing a dying fawn back to health only to be threatened with jail time. but now the governor may


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